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Interest In Bozo Guitars

Written by admin on February 13, 2009 – 6:43 pm -

There is increasing interest in Bozo guitars which are the masterpieces built by guitar maker Bozo Podunavac. I was struck by the recent comment from a follower who posted this comment in Italian on our recent Post highlighting the sale a 1975 Bozo Guitar.  This reader wrote in this translation to English:

I have a bought similar guitar in Italy in the 1975, marked bozo podunavac B3 within the harmonic case I am numbered 480. I did not know what I had bought I have begun to understand that I had something of exceptional after to have bought several guitars of pregio type Ramirez R4, Classic DiGiorgio 36, Miguel Angel. Every time that I bought a guitar I felt that the Bozo was something of majestic to the comparison. And in fact continuous to always collezionare guitars but sound with my Bozo. I would be curious of knowing that value can have, if someone can dirmi something in merit. Self-confident Vanni thanks

Vanni's suggestion that the Bozo Guitar he owns is 'majestic" in comparison to others he owns speaks volumes to the feelings owners of these guitars have for their Bozo Podunacvac masterpieces.  To accommodate the interest we have set up a Bozo Guitar category to track the availability of these fine guitars on ebay. (click here) Bozo Guitars

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